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Russ Curwen Memorial Games

Date : 06/11/2019
Russ Curwen was transporting Blood to save other people’s lives on his motorbike, but sadly Russ gave the ultimate sacrifice his life, Russ passed away as a result of Injuries from an RTA.

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In memory to Russ, his friends have in his memory created The Russ Curwen Memorial Games that are held at 3 1 5 Gym in Lancaster. Where members of the Emergency and Essential Services come together in friendly rivalry (ok not quite) to do battle in the field of swimming, cycling, treadmill, circuits etc and with a final run up to Ashton Memorial that will be lit in the colours of our services.

This a charity event and half of the monies raised is being shared with OBL to help us with the Mental Health of our E & E Services.

More information is to follow.

However we need the teams to take part.

Please email to register your interest and we will share your details with the organisers.