Help and Support with your wellbeing
"Listening is the most important thing you can do, you are never alone"
The Mind Blue Light Programme is always here to support #OurBlueLight Family.

Please vsit their website for information on how to recive help now. 
Mind Blue Light Programme
Mind Need Urgent Help?
We have also included the Mind Blue Light Programme booklets below for your convience...
Friends & Family: Fire & Rescue
Friends & Family: Police
Friends & Family: ​Ambulance
Friends & Family: ​​Search & Rescue

For friends and family: how to look after someone's mental wellbeing
Our research shows that emergency services personnel are particularly at risk of developing a mental health problem.
This is a guide for friends and family members of those who work or volunteer in the emergency services, to help you support the mental wellbeing of someone you care about.

"I try to remain 'professional' but that means my daughter and private life suffer for it"